Manufacturing Process

From nature, back to nature. A simple physical process from plant fibers into molded products.​ No plastic, no harmful substances, no waste water or gas.

The raw materials are sugarcane bagasse or recycled paper. These fibers are first mixed with water and beaten into slurry, then slurry is transferred to the forming machine to form initial shapes. The semi products are then thermoformed and trimmed and packed. All done!

The defective ones or the left-over materials can be re-used immediately as raw materials. The finished products can be recycled or biodegraded. The whole process is a sustainable cycle.


Strong R & D

Our engineers have been in molded pulp industry for over 10 years .​

We are experienced with both dry and wet press. We can make products with small draft angle and radius. We can provide feasible and suitable solutions within 24 hours. We keep studying to keep pace with the new technologies of the industry.

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We have our own mould making department within the production facility.​

For rapid prototypes, we can use 3D printed molds, foam molds or aluminum molds. For production, we use aluminum molds or steel molds or copper moulds.

Moulds are crucial to the quality of the products. Our mold making technicians are experts in this industry.

Quality Control

Full inspection for all products. Strict quality standards.

A finished product goes through at least 4 processes. We inspect every piece in each process.

We have different QC groups to have cross check, and we have strict reward and punishment mechanism for QC team to ensure quality.

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