Custom biodegradable molded pulp packaging manufacturer in China

Established in 2013, we are a manufacturer specialized in biodegradable molded pulp products. We are located in Dongguan, about 1 hour’s drive from Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  
Our main products are molded pulp packaging trays and boxes for skincare, cosmetics, electronics, alcohol and many other industries. We also supply ready-to-use pulp products like cat litter trays, planting pots, paper masks, trash bins and disposable tableware.  
We use renewable sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fiber and recycled paper as raw materials. The materials were first mixed with water and beaten into slurry, then the slurry was molded into different products under high temperature and pressure. No harmful substances are added in production and there is no waste water or gas. All our molded pulp products can break down in soil in short time, within about 3 months. They are a good option to replace plastic products.  
We provide customization service, accept low MOQ, can develop rapid prototype to shorten developing time. Our engineers have over 10 years’ of experience in molded pulp industry. We have an efficient and professional customer service team. Besides molded pulp packaging, we can also source relevant packaging to provide full packaging solutions.  
We have been working with customers from North America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and many other customers from all over the world. We have FSC certificate and our products meet major international standards.

Our Team

We are a young and energetic team with similar sense of values. We work hard together to make Kinyi a better company, and at the same time we support each other to become a better person.


We now promote our biodegradable molded pulp products mostly online, but we also attend different trade shows to further expand our market.


Our products are eco friendly and biodegradable. They comply with major international standards. Every year we take our products to big labs to test.


Meet Our Team

Founder & CEO

Kevin He

Co-Founder & CFO

Wendy Liu


Siling Xiao


Roy Peng


Hedy He


Joyce Qin


Emily Yang


Sylvia Tang


Sara Li