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Established in 2013 in the famous international manufacturing city – Dongguan of China, KINYI is a relatively new but rapidly developing packaging supplier of biodegradable molded pulp packaging and other molded pulp ready-to-use products.

We supply wide ranges of molded pulp products, including:

Pulp packaging for electronics, cosmetics, food & beverage, hardware and many other industries;

Garden supplies such as flower pots, seed planters;

Home products like rubbish bins, cat litter trays, storage boxes… 

Disposable tableware like bagasse bowls, cups, containers, plates, food trays…

molded pulp packaging

Materials We Use

Mainly sugarcane bagasse,

wood pulp,

bamboo pulp,

recycled paper,

Other biodegradable natural fiber.

Services We Offer

3D designing

Mould developing

Sample producing

Bulk manufacturing

Relevant packaging sourcing

Advantages We Have

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Self-owned Production lines

Skillful Mold & Design Team

Efficient Communication

Short Turnaround Time

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