Real Biodegradable Pulp Inserts

Using renewable natural fibers like sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fiber, wood fiber and crop straws  as raw materials, KINYI produces real biodegradable molded pulp Insert packaging, including biodegradable cosmetic packaging inserts, electronic packaging inserts, food & beverage packaging, medical packaging and so on. 

We only change the physical property of the raw materials in bulk production to turn the plant fiber into molded pulp packaging products. We do not add other materials so all molded pulp packaging inserts are COMPLETELY biodegradable in a very short time (within 90 days in soil).

wine bottle packaging box
Pulp Packaging Box for Liquor
chocolate packaging tray
Pulp Packaging Insert for Chocolate
packaging box for hand-made soap
Molded Pulp Packaging Box for Soap
molded paper pulp wine shipper
Paper Pulp Molded Wine Shipper
packaging tray for charger
Molded Pulp Insert for Electronics
skincare packaging insert tray
Eco Friendly Skincare Packaging Insert Tray
skincare packaging tray
Biodegradable Cosmetics Packaging Insert
packaging insert for small bottles
Protective Pulp Insert Holder for Bottles
biodegradable pharmaceutical packaging
Molded Pulp Box Insert for Cosmetics

Customized colors, shapes, surface finishes and branding options

Pulp molding process is a very promising technology not only because of its biodegradability, but also because it is very flexible with unlimited possibilities.

Molded pulp packaging inserts are anti-shock and flexible to be molded into different structures, shapes, surface finishes and thickness; They are stackable to reduce storage space and delivery cost;They can be made waterproof, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-static or with other special performance by adding corresponding safe additives during production.

customized packaging
molded pulp packaging
biodegradable packaging
molded pulp packaging


Established in 2013 in the famous international manufacturing city – Dongguan of China, KINYI is a relatively new but rapidly developing supplier of biodegradable molded pulp insert packaging and other molded pulp ready-to-use products.

We provide total molded pulp packaging solutions from custom packaging design, mold developing to final bulk manufacturing. With our own design team and manufacturing facilities, we assure efficient new developments, good quality and fast delivery; At the same time we keep integrating relevant resources to offer our customers with more flexible and comprehensive services.

Production Process

Natural fiber materials like sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fiber beaten into slurry, then molded into desired-shape pulp packaging inserts under high pressure and temperature.
Energy consumption in production is much less than that of non eco-friendly products and little waste water or gas emits. It greatly reduces the burden on Mother Earth.

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