Established in 2013 in Dongguan, we are a custom packaging manufacturer specialized in biodegradable molded paper pulp packaging.

Our main products are molded pulp packaging trays and boxes for skincare, cosmetics, electronics, alcohol and many other industries. We also supply cat litter trays, planting pots, paper masks, trash bins and disposable tableware.
We use renewable sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fiber and recycled paper as raw materials. No harmful substances are added in production and there is no waste water or gas. All our molded pulp products can break down in soil within about 3 months. They are a good option to replace plastic products.  

What do we produce?

Beauty Packaging

Personal Care Packaging

Electronics Packaging

Protective Packaging

Molded Pulp Boxes

Home & Garden Products

We use renewable sugarcane bagasse and recycled paper to produce truly biodegradable molded pulp packaging and paper pulp home products. All products can break down in soil within about 90 days

Product Features

Pulp molding process is a very promising technology not only because of its biodegradability, but also because it is very flexible with unlimited possibilities. We can have customized colors, shapes, surface finishes and branding options

Our molded pulp inserts can fit perfectly with other outer packaging such as rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, paper sleeves,  paper tubes, tins and etc.

The raw materials are first beaten into slurry in a big blender. The slurry is sucked into the forming machine to formed the initial shape. Then semi-products were thermoformed in the hot pressing machines when they are dried up (dry press) or still wet (wet press). At last, finished products are trimmed and packed.

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