The raw materials we use are sugarcane bagasse, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, wheat straw pulp, A4 paper, corrugated paper and other eco natural plant fiber. They are renewable with short growth cycle and extensive sources.

sugarcane pulp packaging
bamboo pulp packaging
wheat straw pulp packaging

We only change the phycical property of the raw materials in bulk production to turn the plant fiber into products. We do not add other materials so all molded pulp products are completely biodegradable in a very short time (within 90 days in soil).

Low water consumption, no waste water or gas in production, in line with international environmental requirements- with these features, pulp molding technology plays a more and more important part today to reduce harm to Mother Earth.

biodegradable packaging
1st Date
10-15 days later
biodegradable packaging
25-30 days later
About 45 days later